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Healing illness from the inside out.

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

This is a repost of a response to a forum question. Please join us in the discussion for like minds here.

In my training and experience, likely 98% of all physical issues are emotionally based (but there are exceptions and I am going to outline a few below here).

Just what does that mean?

There are emotions that we of course are aware of to some degree within: guilt. sorrow. deep grief. jealousy. anger. rage.

The interesting thing about anger is this: one must learn to manage it. There are times when healthy anger serves a purpose and one can be conscious while exhibiting this anger in a deliberate and concerted manner. Rage is another phenomenon. Rage bypasses the limbic system and comes from not being loved or held as a baby. There is specific theraputic work for this phenomenon amd can be healed. It comes seeminly out of no where. Also #1's on the Enneagram can lead from anger. Good idea to know yourself from this perspective. Helen Palmer is the current specialist for this body of work.

Another phenomenon from the perspective of homeopathy is miasms at the DNA level that we all have from birth and are inherited. We are managing to create more: like a petroleum miasm in addition to the 8-9 others. Just ractchet up enough stress in your life and you can kick one into life. Then the cells start misfiring and physical issues result.

Yet another is the issue of energetic parasites and astral influences in the inner worlds that manifest in the physical body. This is becoming a major issue. More and more I am seeing this influences attach to a body and create havoc on all the PEMS levels ( physical, emotional, mental, spiritual).

So it is not about whether one 'is on their path' due to these other influences. Being 'on the path' is a conscious endeavor. The result is that one raises their personal frequency to bounce off the lower level astrals and energetic parasites. That does not mean that one is resistant to this issue. These creatures of all ilk are looking for Light Beings for their energetic food. The idea is to keep one's body clean of this garbage. Ongoing energetic work from a qualified healer- diet- level of music all count towards this goal. Personally I have never stopped receiving this work for my own field as a matter of course.

When we incarnate- we have agreed to a personal contract. When completed, it can be re-negotiated- but that choice comes to us. We do not make that choice. The contract can be just one word: say, 'trust'. Then you are put in a family dynamic and personal situations to learn the meaning of 'trust' all of your life. When and if completed, you can move on to the next soul step. That is the key to why we incarnate: to learn, and also to contribute. And in this endeavor, we develop clarity. Each session of healing is a step towards clarity as the system is slowly cleansed and repaired.

The akashic records are a good way to determine what your individual soul path is. This is Linda Howe's work and she is in Oak Park. Having taken her class, I have access to the 'Lords and Masters of the Akashic Records' that is accessed through a specific prayer her work in the inner worlds. Sometimes one of my client's records will be 'washed'. If I see a wax seal on them: I may not intervene, as the situation is karmic and requires a personal workout.

Victim response is what Carolyn Myss speaks to when some people just do not heal. I would also suggest that their 'inner child' is a sabatour. So, yes, we can unconsciously sabotage our own healing. These individuals fight the healer at every step and move from healer to healer vs sticking it out through the hard long term work. We are speaking to soul work here. It is rather easy to spot. So from my perspective, if one is unconsciously choosing not to heal, it is a waste of everyone's time (mine) and ( their) money. Perhaps in their next lifetime. Could be just too much for someone this time around.

An excellent 'inner child' 'energetic' healer is Amita:

"Hearing one's inner self": walking in nature, meditating. But first one has to stop the mind chatter. The mind wants to control your every move. This has to be a conscious decision that you are going to take control of your mind and direct it. Command the chatter to stop. Stay with it. This is not an overnight thing. It takes time- combined with all of the above steps.

Feldenkrais therapy is a mind/body therapy that is quite sophisticated for assisting the mind in switching off, becoming conscious, as well as retraining the body for correct movement. One of the best practitioners in Chicagoland is Cheryl Becker in Lake Bluff. The Feldenkrais Guild is based in San Franciso. Not to be confused with the Alexander Technique- a clone of this work.

Hope this long answer helps!


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