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The ‘Corrupted’ Masculine

As you start to read this writing I am putting forth, please be aware of the following:

We each carry the Masculine and Feminine within. This is not aimed at the male gender per say but an overall global phenomenon. Unfortunately, many males are walking in this energy.

Much has been written over time about how we got to this point. The confusion of the male’s place in society and how to behave in relationships.There is plenty of blame to go around from the patriarchy of the Roman Catholic Church from the 1500’s to today- rewriting scripture and creating mass confusion within religions- to the current role of movies, television and the press.

I am often struck in healing sessions just how many women clients have been deserted by their fathers’ from babies to about age 6, or from age 6 to 13. The number of single moms has to be seriously underestimated. One would be lucky to have had grandparents step in from a tribal energetic to have the grandfather fill the role of the healthy masculine.

Which means that their own children struggle to find a heathy masculine model. These moms have to fill both roles and as their children become teenagers- it takes courage and maturity to hold down the fort of an authority challenging teenager. Nor should one delegate this role to the school system. It just doesn’t work.

So we are living in a time where the energetic of the masculine has become corrupted and misunderstood. Men can take it as they have the right to disrespect women- showing itself now in the face of the “MeToo’ movement. Whether or not I agree with the movement is another subject. My question would be where have these women been that they allow men to abuse them? Is it because of the lack of a healthy male figure in the family growing up? And when a father is present- his wife will allow emotional or physical abuse of her or the kids to persist without her leaving him or getting great help. Sexual incest is a huge issue, most particularly in the southern United States where alcoholism is also a significant societal issue most especially in the upper social and economic classes.

So the ‘inner child' of these individuals has a perception that abuse is a part of the deal and is comfortable at some level at the mirror presented by society. Which is what I believe we are looking at: a genetic cycle downline of the ‘corrupted ‘masculine.

These is where energetic healing comes in. Inner child work is critically important and takes time. John Bradshaw has written books on the subject. Harriet Lerner is also another excellent source: The Mother Dance, The Dance of Connection, etc.

For teen-age males, the Warrior programs can be quite beneficial where healthy males model the masculine and mentor young men. For many, it has been a life saver. For young teen-age women: the mirror is the Goddess program.

There is hope. In the archetype presented in The Fourth Turning by Strauss and Howe, the millennials may turn quite a bit around for society going forward creating harmony by the time they reach their 40’s, or the 13ers who will be the ‘saviors’ in their forties.

Whatever it takes, we had best get to it.


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