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2023...Here we come...with links.

Updated: 5 days ago

2023 could prove to be just as challenging ...with eye popping events. To Wit:

NordStream event update : May 2023...No, It wasn't Russia.

European Covid Summit: Dr. David Martin...time to seriously wake up people...this was and is a planned biological bioweapon and war on humankind: the 'why's' are complicated. The 'spiritual why's " should be beyond terrifying to every single individual who received this injection. At this point in time: there seems to be no way back for those 'souls' on a soul level: 'Reincarnating' is now a question mark .....and more.

This is how they do this video ...slow slow mind control conversion to an ideology:

April 30 2023...Hunter Biden Child support case bears watching...karmic return?

"Trans" agenda..great article...Helena Glass April 18 2023 ..please do not be fooled by the "Woke" business...or the sudden "trans" movement. It's pure B.S.. Glass is correct here in her assessments.

James Kunstler : "Call the Exorcist" -> Absolutely Nails It Here!! GGB

April 4 2023 Martin Armstrong: The backlash against indicting Trump may be greater than anyone imagined:

Vaxxx'd lose 25 years of life WOW!!! APRIL 2023

WHO: Vaxxxx now not recommended for healthy kids-teens. {Well, well, well. Really? This took 3 years??}

Clif High article on chaga tea and the ecological event in East Prairie Ohio-> protect the liver!

This E.P. event is here and at many other sources: Fab 17 2023

and here:

Cover Up: East Prairie, Ohio. Feb 18 2023


THE CURE: Dr. David Nixon podcast with 'maria zeee': 2023



Excellent post by Igor Chudov on population/ death data/housing effects. Jan 18 2023

This one is so rich I could not pass it up: Celia Farber on the cancellation of Davos 2023. Posted Jan 17 2023:

Matt Taibbi...Jan 12 2022 . Stunning ..a must read.

Musk on the SEC. Jan 19 2023

Dr. Robert Malone re the ongoing Davos and WEF crowd. {Best to do your home work here...}

Expect these people to be going down: 'Russia starts naming names': Clandestine on Substack

James Kunstler: 2023'

Dr. Paul Alexander: a prolific author on Substack..."Covid Gene Injection" {Vaxxx damage to be continued in 2023 on a massive projected scale} :



Followed by Dr. John Campbell..Published by Celia Farber on SubStack 12.30.2022

Matt Taibbi: The Twitter Files. {Will America Wake up now ?}

More coming out about the CV 'jabs' ...{Will the world recognize this is in fact a bioweapon to kill, not a cure? Will arrests be coming soon? Or, as Clif High's warnings suggest...doctors might consider body guards quite soon enough here when the global populace sees what was done to them }

Dr. Micheal Yeadon

Dr. Pierre Kory,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/

Censorship: {A Big One under the Radar for Most}:

Interesting: SkyHorse Publishing: ( from Courageous Discourse on SubStack)

Turkiye: by Dr. Robert Malone....{Internationally why is this country so important}:

Placental Disruptions by Celia Farber on Substack:{Will these birth issues get connected to the "Jab"? } "I want people to understand these placental abruptions that lead to dead fetuses. I want them to know some are born alive but too young to resuscitate so you hold them until they die."

Matt Stoller: 2023 Financial comments: SubStack 12. 30. 2023

{--} brackets are my comments...GGB

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