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Bernard Guenther warning on Twitter Feb 2024 in it's entirety : I have great respect for his work in the inner"- hyper-dimensional worlds ( where I also work).

Updated: Mar 3

"Bernhard Guenther


"We’re entering the next phase of the most intense multiple-dimensional war of galactic proportions. The past four years were just the warm-up.

This “end game” is manifested in the physical world, but it is also happening THROUGH you. and all of humanity.

There is no hiding from it. You can deny it, try to look away, try to escape to some remote island, but you’d still be affected by it. From a multi-dimensional perspective, these occult and evolutionary forces act upon and through us beyond time and space.

All will need to be revealed, within and without, the darkest secrets of the world and within your own psyche.

It’s the necessary purging and purification process to path the way for the Light.

No more excuses,

no more hiding,

no more blame,

no more running away

no more identifying as a victim,

no more lies to the self

no complaining,

no self-pity,

no spiritual bypassing

… Let everything that is false burn away. The ONLY thing that will carry you through these times is your connection to Essence and the Divine.

Your immortal true Self knows the Truth, knows what to do, where to be, and what NOT to do - that which is not aligned with Truth and Integrity

. You know you didn’t come here for a vacation, mindless indulgence, or escapism but to participate in this magnificent opportunity during this Time of Transition with your specific gifts, talents, and mission.

All of it is UNIQUE to you, so stop comparing yourself to others, or worse, imitate others. But this Transition is not a guarantee for the world, and the Divine needs you to step up and rise up against the asuric forces and your own weaknesses and temptations that they tag into and lure you with.

The inner battle is far more challenging than any outer war.

Keep this process of soul integration and soul individuation at the forefront of your consciousness in pure, sincere, unconditional aspiration to the Divine.

That is what will carry and protect you through the waves and tsunamis of change - RISING UP as your TRUE SELF.


Bernhard Guenther"

GGB NOTE: There is not language in the human communication system to understand and appreciate what happens in the inner world and the hyper -dimensional spaces, but what happens there happens first and then we get to play it out here.

This is where the real work is. The inner worlds.

Incarnating on earth school is a tremendous gift for soul growth. Most people are in the business of throwing it all away. We will need to go to the future to see how our decisions of today are going to impact our tomorrow as a humanity.

Right now it is looking like a very tough ride for many......both for your soul and your spirit : in present time or if you have passed and are sitting behind the veil : it matters not. Gigi

PS; My experience with the phenomenon of suicide is this: 8 out of 10 who feel suicidal have been taken over by the Irredeemable Demons from the inner worlds.

•They want your soul.

•They will die with you to get it. •They implant energetic snakes in your body cavity that then manifest physically as parasites. Those parasites circle up to an organ and nest.

•The aura field separates at this spot. There is no longer a master for the cellular structure.

You choose not to pay attention to your high self team when they knocked on your psyche door to warn you. Praying does not help. Those demons will simply laugh at you. They taunted Christ and regretted it. He had a magic wand in his hand: not a walking stick.

Meanwhile your thought forms are no longer your own.

If you go with them: you will end up (as I have been shown: happy to be corrected) in an inner world psych hospital for hundreds of years.

Very few healers have the capacity to remove them from your field.

The line into becoming human moves to those whose soul and spirit values life.

Better to move to Australia and live with the Aborigines...they will teach you something about life.

The American Indians' would too,but, alas,we threw them off their sacred land here.

Just saying....

Posted on X: 3.3.2024 this Carl Jung quote is pretty accurate in my own experience:

Screenshot 2024-03-03 at 11.12.50 AM
Download PNG • 567KB

inner man: he is called. ( finishing out this sentence)

Carl Jung: The Development of Personality. CW17.

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