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Disease X-2024 . We are here- IMV: Disease "X" is the manifestation of the jab effects:

Updated: May 4

I now consider disease "X" to be the manifestations of the jab occurring now and in the very near future. Takes time for some of this to show up in the body. Scroll on down to Dr Mercola's PDF posted to his site on April 29 2024. GGB

PRIONS in the brain from the vaxxxx : here we go!!! ggb


Deagel coming true: 80% of American gone by 2025. March 25 2024 . Dr James Hill, MD. A difficult read:

See the chart I had posted at the bottom here. Notes from Dr. Hill's current post are these:

"In 2021, Craig Paardekooper obtained their forecast data before it was taken down and he calculated the percentage of population reductions for each country and then rank-sorted each country in order of largest population reduction, concluding that the mass slaughter by vaxxines is occurring overwhelmingly in countries inhabited mainly by people of European descent.
He wrote:

"My hypothesis was that the cull would have an epicentre, centred in the countries/powers who were running the pandemic – namely the G7. I also hypothesised that those countries making the vaccines would [be] right at the heart of the slaughter. Here are the results of my calculations …


1. The G7 countries are clustered near the top of the list – their % population reductions are:

a. UK – 78.5%

b. USA – 70.2%

c. Germany – 65%

d. France – 41.8%

e. Italy – 30.6%

f. Canada – 29.7%

g. Japan – 17.6%

2. Three countries dominate the top positions:

a. UK

b. USA

c. Germany"

"These are the very 3 countries involved in the production of the vaccines: Astrazeneca, Moderna and Pfizer vaccines"

I have been following the Deagel chart for years now and we are here in 2024-2025. Everybody should be terrified get on Ivermectin and methylene blue immediately in order to save yourself and humanity. Stock up.

This is the year. It should not be as bad as these numbers ...but it will be really bad. Gigi

Jan 26 2024

Will Zoll ( an important writer): "All Aboard the Disease Express" :

I have a separate post on this man's work " "Prussia Gate" This is very long but well worth your while.

Connect the dots when you finish this article. I believe your might see the disastrous side effects of cannibalism in the 1950's in New Guinea -> creating a new disease which was named "Kuru" ( inexplicable trembling , losing control of one's emotions ,etc; certain death.).

What then happened when this disease was injected into apes for which this ( mentally ill , IMV) doc was awarded a Nobel Prize.( who worked at Fort Detrick, btw: do your homework here) (Oh- they gave a NP to O for ...what??) and here is what was found in the 80's from Kuru disease;PRIONS.

"As another group would find years later, it was just a twisted protein, capable of performing the microscopic equivalent of a Jedi mind trick, compelling normal proteins on the surface of nerve cells in the brain to contort just like them. The so-called "prions," or "proteinaceous infectious particles," would eventually misfold enough proteins to kill pockets of nerve cells in the brain.leaving the cerebellum riddled with hole, lie a sponge". ( bold mine). ( Botox has similar effects btw).

On down this article is this statement: ( Scientific American:quoting from this article by Zoll) ) "Gradually, scientific research would discover exactly what causes kuru. Prions were isolated as the fatal culprit that literally blows tiny holes through peoples’ brains until they die. We are unsure if this particular discovery was already known at Fort Detrick. However, if it was, a prion would potentially be the mother of all future bioweapons." ( bold and italics mine).

Enter Fauci, Gallo and AIDS in the 90's: and this Remarkable Paragraph:

"For some, AIDS was now generating vast fortunes.

At the time, AIDS was ripping through the world and terrifying humanity. The news of a potential cure did not need much persuasion. However, there were some very smart molecular biologists who were continuing their own research and observing the Klownshow that was unfolding around Fauci, Gallo, and AZT. They could smell bullshit:

"Last Friday at an alternative medicine meeting in Greensboro, N.C., a Florida physician stood in the glare of television lights and held the hand of a young man infected with the human immunodeficiency virus. Squinting in the lights and a moment later from the pain, he stuck a 20-gauge hypodermic needle deep into the infected man's finger and quickly jabbed the bloody needle

into his own hand. Twice. The physician, Robert Willner, said he inoculated himself with the man's blood to draw attention to "the greatest scam ever perpetrated." Contrary to expert opinion, he declared that HIV

does not cause AIDS. "This is an innocent virus," Willner said in an interview soon after inoculating himself. Indeed, he said, it is the AIDS drug AZT that is the leading cause of AIDS today" ( color and italics, underlining mine)"

If you recall: AIDS spread through the exchange of bodily fluids.

Enter 2023 and guess what we have going on now: PRIONS (think Kuru disease): SPIKE PROTEINS, SHEDDING WITHOUT THE EXCHANGE OF BODILY FLUIDS BUT JUST BEING AROUND THE VAXXXD. It would appear that they have come a long way at Fort Detrick etc.

April 2024: Dr. Mercola: PRIONS!!!!

See this terrifying article on prions becoming contagious:

Download PDF • 246KB

See Dr. Ana Milchea's work posted in several places on this blog re Prions.

Zoll quotes the National Library of Medicine here:

1."A Potential Role of the Spike Protein in Neurodegenerative Diseases:

A Narrative Review Human prion protein and prion-like protein misfolding are widely recognized as playing a causal role in many neurodegenerative diseases. Based on in vitro and in vivo experimental evidence relating to prion and prion-like disease, we extrapolate from the compelling evidence that the spike glycoprotein of SARS-CoV-2 contains extended amino acid sequences characteristic of a prion-like protein to infer its potential to cause neurodegenerative disease. We propose that vaccine-induced spike protein synthesis can facilitate the accumulation of toxic prion-like fibrils in neurons".

2, 'Spikeopathy': COVID-19 Spike Protein Is Pathogenic, from Both

Virus and Vaccine mRNA The SARS-CoV-2 spike protein receptor binding domain has prion-like properties is the only coronavirus with such properties, and has enhanced virion binding affinity to the ACE-2 receptor and thus increased human infectivity and transmissibility [1891. The full spike protein with intact receptor binding domain (RBD) S1 subunit, if it crosses the BBB, therefore has prion-like properties that warrant further research into possible pathogenic effects.".

Enter the WEF; Pfizer; Fauci; Duesberg;Wuhan; The Chinese bat lady of UNC. My "connecting the dots " suggests this scenerio coming up here:

1. Dr Ead and Dr Tenpenny suggest 2-3 years we shall see a horrendous amount of deaths.

Mirrors Kuru death timeline.

2. Create hysteria around a new disease to cover your tracks for what is already in play for the multiply vaxxx'd.

3. Come out with a new 'vaccine' to seal the deal.

I could never phantom how we could get here until now: THESE CHARTS:

THEN we are finally looking at the Deager Numbers published some years ago. Rumored that the US Navy or Intelligence Community behind the Deager Report: ( Due to the courage of sooo many around the world: it will not be this bad...but it will be bad).

DR. DAVID MARTIN'S COMMENTS ( for whom I have a lot of respect).

Why is Davos So Interested In Disease X ( this is a must read) Dr. Meryl Nass

Are We Being Conditioned for Another Lab Leak? John Leake Jan 17 2024

The Wellness Company on Twitter: Dr. McCullough et all.

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