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Updated: Jun 4

2024: What a year this will be! 


I wonder often what it is going to take for so many caught up in their own 'self righteousness' and personal 'arrogance', 'embedded, rigid thought forms' to understand and appreciate we are in the biggest psy-op this world has ever experienced. Many who see themselves as 'religious' have little understanding and experience of how the dark side really works. This energy is so ' in your face' now and yet so few see it much less realize they are participating and underpinning what is permeating this country that was once "The Light" for the world only a few years ago-and was still holding this position.( Dr. David Hawking: Power vs Force).


But no more. 

Our borders are being flooded with 'sleeper cells' who will be called up to create a real insurrection. Food is being compromised. Imagine eating human meat and not realizing it? I can't even go there. But. 

Children are disappearing at huge figures being reported. Why? What's happening to you know? The answers are out there. Search.

What is happening should be front burner to every American alive today. Given the data on those of you who have received the CV19 shot(s): you can expect your life expectancy to be reduced at the outside to 10 more years of human life. More like 3 to 5. Unless you take steps now while you can to eliminate all of the toxins introduced into your system to slowly kill you from this bioweapon whose ingredients were altered after approvals. ( Dr. Ead. Dr. Tenpenny, Karen Kingston, etc: all on SubStack)

One issue is that humans fail to comprehend or take in that there are others who would plot to depopulate the planet and the 'why'. A co-ordinated global effort that has been highly successful using 'frequencies' to create 'fear' of death...'you will be responsible for other's becoming ill if you do not 'vaxxx' " etc.

And you bought into it. I grant you that the pressure was enormous and know that now we are observing those same people trying to rewrite their history and comments. Pretty amazing stuff.

A psy-op. 

Now what? 70% of the world is compromised physically. The other 30% is at risk from shedding. "They" thought of everything. 

But not quite: Spiritually. "The Etheric Tide" is upon is in a few short years. Say from 2030 to 2050. Bunkers won't help you, you 'responsible planners'. WEF et all comes to mind.

I was unaware of this phenomenon, the etheric tide, until I read Tom Montalk's Gnosis published in 2022. I have been searching through meditation what this looks like and why it would occur intergalactically every 25,920 years ( +/-) as a 'reset' mechanism for this reality. I believe I am on the right track to sourcing why this takes place as a 'clean up' of 'all that is' to start anew. A mirror of The Fourth Turning in some regards. The bottom line is that one has to have obtained a certain personal level of 'frequency' of a very  high order to be able to ride the waves of the Tide. Very few humans, I would gather, enjoy this position at this moment in time. 

Certainly not if you have been 'vaxxxed' to death.

Dr. Ana Mihalcea. introduces another issue from these shots: nano bots and blood clots ( that can be immensely long) shown under her microscope in both the vaxxx'd and unvaxxx'd . Enter Methylene Blue, then from another just released study: Doxycycline• and Ivermectin. ( •note: gut issues resulting  from antibiotics must be addressed at the same time. Use a nutritionist.  We do ). 

I will post these links at the bottom here. I am not a doctor but I am well read. I subscribe to at least 25 folks on Substack and scan the Twitter files every day. 

I was on Ivermectin for 2 years - taking it once a week from 2021-2022. I have just started a course of Methylene Blue. The Beings intensified what would be a low dose to create a massive detox within 4 days. All of the gunk from exposure to mold and shedding released at night over these 4 days. A massive headache and upper shoulder pain ( Pulsatilla 200c took care of that). Listless. Then pumping Vit B-3 on day 3. I was not to neutralize a thing prior to day 3 and no vitamins of any nature. Fascinating. Then I became to realize MB seems to have it's own innate intelligence working at the cellular and tissue level ( connective tissue holds everything first, including emotions. fyi.). All miasma at the DNA level were cleared. ( this should be impossible). I am not suggesting anyone try this: I am relating my personal experience on this product. While I enjoy immense protection, I know the physical body and the energetic body are 2 different phenomena. The Body Intelligence drives all aspects of the aura field and is separate from 'the inner mind'.

Now a new, very important study out using low level dose of Doxycycline and Ivermectin to handle the myocarditis issue in the vaxxx'd. Stunning. If you do not understand what is happening here: follow Mark Crispin Miller; Dr. Peter McCullough, Karen Kingston, The 2nd Smartest Guy in the World,  and Ed Dowd on Substack. If you choose to turn a blind eye to their homework..your personal human timeline becomes a karmic piece you did not agree to. Know that. It has been overwritten.

Free will. Sort of.

Donald Trump: since when did people become holier that thou? Did you not party down in college? Sleep around? Make mistakes? 

The press is teaching you to hate the guy. Why? if 'they' have done all  of the above to you to date over the last 3 years- then you might - just might- question why they are so afraid of him. 

If you cannot see who Hillary Clinton really is..then leave those blinders on and go about your day..

And if you do not understand the 'astrals' that came riding in and through the 'protective wall's' put up around this reality...just go about your day. Do. Stay there.

( Bernand Guenther : 'Piercing the Veil of Reality'. Terrifying. Took my breath away. See my post on this: This should scare the living daylights out of you. It did me. ). 

Given the incoming Etheric Tide...if you do not wake up right now: this is your last rodeo on planet earth. No joke. Serious here. At the soul level- given a vision I had some years ago with that message attached.

For those who are aware and awake: best to master The Art of Detachment. You are going to need it.

We all are. 

Surprises await. Hopefully great ones! It's up to us to manifest them...and we are getting there to do just that!


Jan 11 2024. 

Dr. Boz...June 2024. The awakening for the general public is finally here:

and Dr. Phil: re: politics...2024

Methylene Blue complete explanation.

I would consider this link and comments fascinating if I did not believe it has merit. I believe it does:

This kid is terrific: Jordon Schachtel on Substack. WEF coming up next week: here we go again: Disease "X". How does Bill Gates sleep at night? Never mind...

Info on important court case declaration re CDC and V-Safe reporting Jan 2024


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Jan 24
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Good article, thank you. I do the same for news these days: read the substacks written by very smart people and cruise Twitter. I found you via Tess Lawrie's post on Methylene Blue.

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