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President Trump

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

I am truly fascinated by the division, hate and anger that is being generated in reaction to this man being elected President ,who in my mind, represents the ‘gray champion’ spoke to in the seminal work: The Fourth Turning by Strauss and Howe. See chart below.

I have been searching for the source of the ‘evil’ that is behind this energy that is dividing this country- and it is just that: “Evil”. Not Shadow. Not Darkness. But “Evil”.

It wants to take down this country-the last frontier for winning the souls of the worlds' populations.

One form is in the human form. I have become convinced that George Soros is a major player. But it cannot be just one man. The Clinton cartel uses sorcery to control outcomes, elections, ‘pay to play’ and there have been rumors of attributes related to the Jeffrey Epstein chronicles of using methods to extend one’s life that defy description. If those rumors hold water, then one would also look to how one’s personal DNA would be adversely affected. Something that I imagine did not occur to this group of individuals.

One other source would be off planet. Thus far, I have only found attempts to shift the human body to half A.I./half human. Those attempts are quite real and to use the word ‘disturbing’ would be an understatement. I recently attended William Henry’s workshop on the dangers of A.I. in relationship to the danger to the ‘Soul’ and remaining fully ‘Human’ and I came back unsatisfied with his perspective. Feeling he is only 50% on target,

And yet a third source could be within our own intel community, using mind control within the Matrix for the blue pilled individuals who remain in this ‘MIND’ box- believing the mainstream media as accurate reporting rather than appreciating the significant and obviously deliberate bias we are currently witnessing. Do these guys all vacation together? They were threatened by JFK and now they clearly feel threatened by DT: surely in order to continue to operate outside the oversight of our executive branch.

Back to Donald Trump. When I first saw him running,,,,I was shown that he is from a very distant star system that is extremely concerned about this planet and the humans on it. I saw that there are only 2 humans incarnated at this time from this system. Trump being one. He has their support and protection. I also saw and intuitively knew that he would go down as one of the greatest presidents this country has experienced. I noted that in 2018 on this blog.

While appearing to be sometimes, to often, crass and perceived as socially inept- I find him to be a brilliant chess player. Descriptions range from ‘instinctive; chaotic; impulsive; crude, narcissistic’ but few capture the man’s essence and ability to ‘take the hits' necessary to represent the ‘gray champion’ during this fourth turn in which we find ourselves. It is the Turn of 'Crisis' and 'Winter', to quote Strauss and Howe.

Does anyone realize how much trouble this country is in? Can all we do is speak to how he articulates vs. his clear commitment to putting the ‘America’ back in America?

What I am having trouble appreciating is the significant lack of Americans who cannot grasp a larger picture and ‘go higher’ in their thinking process. Why is that?

From Dr. David Hawkin's work: Power vs. Force, we know that the United States carries the Light for the world. And with that comes tremendous responsibility.

From an historical perspective, since at least the 1940’s-this country has slowly been in the process of being taken over by dark forces. It is not hard to connect the dots, but so few do. I refer you to : The Devil’s Chessboard by David Talbot, for starters. Dr. Joseph Farrell’s work is also truly excellent for this backdrop.

So we have a man riding a new horse- fighting for this country to return to its status as a country of Light. And as a population- we are fighting him with energy that resonates below Light: anger; hate, division...and think nothing of it. How did we get here is the question. And how do we turn it around.

Thus far, we seem to be hell bent on destroying ourselves and letting those supposed elected leaders who are supposed to be working in our best interests ride our collective horses into the hell worlds- and they are doing a fine job of just that.

“Evil” thus far is having the last laugh, but I am betting in the end - that ‘Source’ and Light win the day.

Time to “Warrior Up”. And to “ Stand Your Ground” - the words I heard in the group meditation before chatting at the ‘All Souls Weekend’ with Jen Weigel this last month.

That depends on each of us. Each and every one of us. As long as this hate and anger continues and you find yourself a part of it- you are simple feeding the dark. Time to reassess if that holds true for you. Honestly- we are watching a play. Treat it like that and you will be much better off. Watch the chapters unfold. There is so much more to come that will rattle folks beyond their current comprehension if one is not mentally and emotionally prepared for Truth to rise finally to the surface and for Light to take it's rightful place.


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Note this excellent historical perspective of the impeachment history of our collective presidents to date by Professor Jonathan Turley, presented to Congress regarding President Trump and this current impeachment inquiry. Save for posterity and reference going forward.

A chart of the 4 Turns from The FOURTH TURNING:

YesSireeee......4 minute video of DT...posted 5.31.2022 on by Kash Patel of The Epoch Times ( a worthy subscription to have)

'Astrology is not IN the news. Astrology IS the news. Donald Trump is the most popular man alive. Absolutely unique and extraordinary popularity. Stands out above all others. That’s what you get with a 10th house Sun conjunct Uranus and Node opposing a Full Moon.'

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